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Massage can be very helpful for any lifestyle.  Massage flushes the tissues of toxic materials that build up during everyday life enabling the body to circulate new oxygen rich blood throughout the tissues.  This helps the systems of the body function properly and enables better elasticity of the tissues not only reducing the chance of injury but also giving the tissues better fluidity to heal better and faster. 

The following information is helpful for preparing for an event, during a training regimen or after an event.

Tendons vs. Ligaments
-Tendons attach muscles to bones; ligaments attach bones to bones, at joints for instance.  Tendons take longer than muscles to heal while ligaments take the longest due to having a weaker blood flow.  Injuries can be deceiving especially with ligaments and re-injury is common.  Massage can significantly help in the healing process and self massage is recommended. 

When should you see a medical doctor for an injury?
-Depending on the type of your injury, consult a physician if you have suffered a blunt head trauma especially if you are disoriented or are experiencing memory loss.  Tingling or numbness in the extremities is also a concern and could indicate nerve or blood impingement. If your symptoms significantly worsen after 48 hours, consult a doctor.  If you have sever swelling, especially if it worsens after 12 hours and range of motion has decreased, it could indicate minor or moderate sprain or strain or in some cases, broken bone. 

What happens to the body during exercise and why do you feel sore?
-When you work out, the muscles are in the ‘tear down’ phase.  Stress is applied on the muscles, joints and systems of the body and micro tears occur in the muscle, tendon and ligament tissue.  Then, when resting, the body gathers nutrients and goes into the ‘recovery ‘ phase where oxygen rich blood is circulated throughout the system healing the micro-trauma that has occurred.  When working out and stretching in a healthy fashion, the body can adapt to the stresses placed upon it and enter ‘Buildup’ phase. 

Throughout this process, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are helping to keep the body clean but waste materials like lactic acid still build up and cause soreness post workout.