Therapeutic Massage Customized for your Active Lifestyle


San Juan Sports Massage is based in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Our treatment technique combines a mixture of energy, relaxation styles and deep tissue massage in order to make each massage unique and specific to the problem, whether it is muscular or stress-related.

Whether you’re an athlete or just someone who enjoys a great massage, San Juan Sports Massage has the right touch for you.

We specialize in:

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Relaxation and Maintenance Techniques
  • Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Medical and Sports Massage

San Juan Sports Massage helps you:

  • Prepare your body, whether you need to relax, are in the midst of a training program, or have an upcoming event.

  • Maintain healthy muscles while you enjoy your active lifestyle or recover from an injury.

  • Rejuvenate after a long workout, race or simply to enhance your lifestyle.